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Satisfying, if not entirely productive

Making play dough

So, I managed not to wear the same black t-shirt and pair of black sweats for the fifth day in a row. In fact, I even managed to wear a skirt – the one I repurposed last fall from a torn pair of Neil’s pants. I actually managed to feel like a girl for a while, as opposed to a big black blob.

I tried to reschedule the school meeting I alluded to yesterday, but with no luck. Apparently they don’t believe in talking to parents in the afternoon and require all of their meetings to be in the morning, 40 minutes before school starts. Yeah, that’s real convenient.

I made a successful batch of green play dough with the little guy. He’s getting to the point where he doesn’t even notice that I’m snapping pictures of everything we do together…

Making play dough

And then I did a couple of things not on the list: talking a walk with the little guy in the early afternoon, picking up Indian take-out from a restaurant we’d never tried (It was good – I always seem to be in the mood for Indian on our anniversary – must have something to do with the yummy Indian food we had on our honeymoon in San Francisco), and taking another walk around the neighborhood, this time after supper with the whole family.

There’s always tomorrow to tackle the rest of that list, right? Right Smile

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4 thoughts on “Satisfying, if not entirely productive

  1. Ah happy anniversary! I’m glad to hear we’re not the only couple that took our honeymoon in a city. For some reason, we went to Vancouver… San Fran seems more romantic, somehow. BC was a fun place, though!

  2. wow…no black blob day today eh? So where is this recipe for play dough? It might be fun to make for grown ups 😀

    Happy anniversary.

  3. 1. congratulations on your anniversary. 12 years… hoobee doobee, nice going! Did you have any peeps for easter?

    2. There used to be an Afghan restaurant in Morristown that I liked. Is it still there? On washington, st, I think.

  4. Oh Indian food you have me drooling. Living in France means that a good curry is hard to come by. I really really miss them!
    Have an extra helping for me Lisa!

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