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Bagels, Google, and Day-Making

Oh, how I wish my favorite bagel joint delivered. And, if they delivered, I would additionally have to wish that they delivered with no minimum order, because otherwise they would likely balk at driving a mile to bring me a 70-cent bagel. Even if I upped the ante and turned it into a full-fledged sandwich, I doubt the $4.25 pricetag would be incentive enough to entice them onto to road for me. ‘Tis a shame. I’m pretty much stuck in the house today with a congested child, which means I’ll be giving up my dream of tuna on a bagel and drowning my lunchtime sorrows in a slice and a half of Domino’s pizza that I stuck in the freezer nearly a month ago. Silver lining: at least there’s no shortage of Dr. Pepper around here.

The congested child of whom I speak is currently upstairs playing computer games with his little brother (who’s also here because Tuesday is his day off). If I’m going to be giving up my bagel and my freedom to leave the house, the least the child could do is recline on the couch, sniffling under a blanket, bemoaning the state of his ears, nose and throat. But no. He’s battling underwater creatures in clever mazes between coughs. And the boys are apparently in it for the duration. The little one came running down the stairs a few minutes ago, rifled through the fridge and the snack bowl, and then headed back up, two juice boxes and two Nutri-Grain Bars in his hands. “I’m getting us lunch!” He’s such a good little gopher.

To completely change gears here, a few days ago I read a great post by Sister Diane of craftypod fame. It was great for a number of reasons, two of which I’ll mention here:

  1. I was one of ten people she gave a “You Make My Day” award to (cool, huh? more on that later…)
  2. She mentioned the idea of Google Reader friends

The whole reason I brought up Google Talk yesterday was because I liked the way it integrates with Google Reader. The gist of it is this: If you use Google Reader, you can choose to “share” articles that you read there with your friends. Your friend list is taken from your Google Talk contacts. So, if you want to make yourself a little network of Google Reader friends that you can share nifty blog articles with, you simply sign up for Google Talk, add those friends to your contact list, and you’re done.

If any of you use Reader and want to be friends, just add me (lisa at polkadotcreations dot com, or polkadotcreations2 at gmail dot com, if that doesn’t work) to your Google Talk contacts. You can use the button below.

I do share articles regularly. They appear on my blog sidebar under the heading “posts I like from elsewhere” but if you want to avoid having to come directly to the blog page to see them, friending me will make them appear right in your reader.

You Make My Day AwardSo. On to the award! Sister Diane surprised me this weekend when she listed my blog among the ten that “make her day.” I think that’s very cool since her podcast often makes my day, especially when I’m doing something boring like making supper.

Now it’s my turn to pass on the blog love to those who make my day, and I should point out that there are WAY more than ten on my must-read list. In the interest of not boring you to tears, I’ll just let them speak for themselves on my sidebar, while I highlight this handful icon_biggrin-flickr-7-4

  • Angela, aka CraftyGoat, who is always so generous with her information, whether it be about techniques she’s come up with, products she’s tried, or her thoughts on touchy subjects.
  • Karen, whose blog Art and Tea always leaves me thirsty – but in a good way!
  • Maureen, whose new Whistling Through the Cracks blog promises to be an interesting look at creativity and spirituality. I like the way she thinks.
  • Kim, who, while “imagining uncommon things,” often cracks me up in the process.
  • Luann, who writes so eloquently on topics of interest to professional artists/crafters. I have to admit that I often just skim her long posts, but I find if I make myself sit and read the whole thing, I rarely regret it, and usually am very glad I did.
  • Lucy, one of my suitemates from college, who I’m glad to have gotten back in touch with, and whose witty observations are always a fun read.
  • Eren and Stefani, whose photographic Six One Way blog has inspired me to find more beauty in everyday life.
  • Karyn, of Trail Mix Designs, who seems to have the same addiction to Simplicity 3835 that I do…
  • Robyn, and her Dog Named Banjo. She sews pretty things and is self-deprecating in a way that I can totally relate to, LOL! Plus her dog looks just like my childhood pet.
  • Linda, whose enthusiasm for making things (hats and cupcakes alike) is contagious.

There. Whew. Now go click on some links, while I see why it’s so quiet upstairs…


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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Bagels, Google, and Day-Making

  1. I’m so flattered to be on your list!!!

    You don’t even know that I have to more 3835’s to blog about. It’s a sickness!!! 🙂

    1. Oh, you’re getting me in the mood to make more! I made a deal with myself that there would be no more new skirts until I lost five more pounds, but I didn’t say anything about shirts, LOL!

  2. Which Lucy is that? (Can’t really tell from the blog itself, though it does make reference to her having lived in DC so I’m guessing it is her.) If so, I should add her blog to my reader…I still regret that I didn’t make more of an effort to keep in touch with her when she lived near here — I’d see her at parties at Jonathan and Jen’s occasionally, but that was it. I always liked her in college.

    I use Google Reader, too, but at the moment the only person I really share stuff with is Ray. Not sure anyone else would care about the stuff I post. 🙂

    1. Hey, you never know – I might care. And if I don’t, I don’t have to read it 😉

      I emailed you RE: Lucy.

    2. Yup, it’s me. 🙂
      And thanks, Lisa. I am flattered indeed.

      1. But of course 😀

    3. Oh, and hey, Lisa and Tina (and any other Drewids who might be reading): If you’re curious, WillyTime is Bill Therrien. He doesn’t update it often enough, but when he does, it’s often awesome.

      1. You know, I was wondering if I knew who that blog belonged to… I’ve followed the link once or twice from your place.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for the mention! You make my day, too!

    1. My pleasure, and thank you!

  4. Lisa! You are so, so kind. This makes for my first blog award EVER. Yay for firsts! And thank you for the award! I thought of you when I bought my first ever Polymer button at a craft fair this weekend. I can safely credit you for some of my appreciation for the art! You should have been selling your beautiful stuff!

    See what Robyn has been blogging about: Bzzzz….

    1. Go polymer buttons! LOL!

      I don’t do many craft fairs, but I actually have one coming up in a few weeks. I really should do more of them, but set up and clean up are such a pain in the neck. Gosh, I wish I weren’t so lazy 😉

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