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Gotta love those boys of mine

Egg hunt

Neither one of them has even remembered that we have Easter baskets around here. There will probably be a big epiphany after supper, when one or the other of them is wondering what they should have for dessert. I fully expect an “OH! We have Easter Candy!!” declaration.

For now, though, we’re having a blissfully sugar-free day. Well, they are, anyway. I dug into my M&Ms Dark & Reese’s Pieces stash after lunch icon_biggrin-flickr-6-5

So, I thought I’d just spend a few minutes today pointing out some techy things, if you don’t mind…

  1. Last week I added a comment preview function. Now, when you are typing your comment, you can look just under the comment box to see a live preview of what you are writing. It’s handy when you are trying to use some of the allowable HTML, and you want to see that it appears the way you intended.
  2. I just set up a Google Talk account for myself. I probably won’t use it much, since I’m not really a big chatter, but if any of you would like to add me (lisa at polkadotcreations dot com, or polkadotcreations2 at gmail dot com, if that doesn’t work) to your contacts, please feel free to do so. Try this button:
    You can also try out the nifty little talk balloon on the sidebar, if you want to say a quick “hello.” I probably won’t leave that up there forever, especially if I find that I am wasting a lot of time chatting when I should be working, but it’s there for now while I build my contact list.
  3. I recently converted a large portion of my blogroll so that it reflects my actual reading habits. Links under these headings are all generated from my Google Reader tags (I intend to convert more of the blogroll somewhere down the road):
    • favorite polymer clay blogs
    • favorite crafty blogs
    • favorite slice of life blogs
    • enjoyable podcasts
    • posts I like from elsewhere

Now, I have a lot of email to catch up on, so I have to stop geeking-out here and go geek-out elsewhere for a while icon_wink-flickr-6-4



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