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Step away from the camera

Self Portrait Thursday

So, is my big, bespectacled face what you were hoping to see first thing in the morning as you sipped your tea and checked your feed reader? Heh.  I suspect not.  I’m just doing what any girl would do at 11:30 at night when the rest of the house is asleep – putting on lipstick and sunglasses and posing for self-portraits!  It’s (almost) Self Portrait Thursday, you know.  I love how the dark coral of my lipstick looks against the olive green of my tank top strap – those colors are lovely together.  I totally planned that.

Ok, no I didn’t.   So, what do you think of  my honkin’ shades?  I resisted the trend toward behemoth sunglasses as long as I could, but every time I’d see a picture of myself in my old sunglasses, I realized they just didn’t look as good on me as I’d thought.   I always think “lookin’ good, chickie!” as I dash past the mirror on my way out the door, pausing just long enough to give myself one of my well-practiced double-chin-minimizing poses.  The last straw with the old glasses was my picture with Granny this weekend.  I look at her and think, “isn’t she just the cutest thing?” and for me, all I have is, “Dude, what’s with the glasses? And those teeth?  Seriously, didn’t Mom & Dad spend a few grand they didn’t have on braces for you?  Couldn’t you have avoided losing your retainer for just one more year?  What were you thinking?  Unappreciative brat.”  Not  much I can do about my two crooked front teeth at this point, but the glasses are within my control.

So now I’m hiding half of my face in these Isaac Mizrahi shades from Tar-jay, and I think the best part is that it doesn’t matter when I last had my eyebrows waxed.  I could have scraggly caterpillars of doom crawling around up there, and nobody would be the wiser.  These sunglasses could end up saving me $12/month on wax-related expenses…

I wish I’d thought to crack open a Mike’s Hard Lime earlier this evening.  (That might have made camera time even more entertaining.  Topless Self Portrait Thursday, anyone?)   Instead, I was sipping my old standby Dr. Pepper until about 10:30, when I remembered the caffeine.  I never thought caffeine had any effect  on me, until this month.  I was sleeping so poorly, not falling asleep until well after 2:00 many nights, and then it suddenly stopped, and I was sleeping well, and all was happy.  It just so happened it was the same week I had run out of Dr. Pepper and was too lazy busy to get to the store for more.  Now I’m restocked and back  to having sleep problems.  As much as I  hate to, I  think I have to draw the conclusion that caffeine after supper time is a bad idea for me.  Bummer.

I have yapped for 30 minutes here and must now face my dilemma.  Do I go  upstairs and try to go to sleep only to toss and turn for the next hour (at least)?  Or do I stay down here, reading blogs until I can no longer focus and just conk out on the couch?  The smart choice would be the upstairs one.  I have to get a child to the bus stop tomorrow morning – the new fall routine begins!

Maybe I’ll just stay down here and play with the camera some more.  I bought some black nail polish the other day, and I’m sure what the world needs now is more pictures of my feet…

Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “Step away from the camera

  1. I love the glasses and the photo!!! And I’m totally lucky, I could drink a six-pack of diet coke and a pot of coffee right before going to bed and sleep like a baby!!!!

    1. Well, color me jealous! It must be an age thing with me. I never used to have a problem, but now? Ugh. I dozed off around 1:30 last night, only to be awakened almost immediately by a small child having a bad dream. An hour later, just after finally falling back asleep, the *other* child has a bad dream. Such a fun night.

  2. Love the glasses, but your eyes look a bit freaky to me behind them because you are looking so far to the right. Take another one looking directly at the camera. 🙂 I keep thinking the big glasses just look horrid on me so I get the medium ones (the little ones just make my face look fatter!).

    1. Actually, I *have* another one of me looking directly at the camera. I took about 15 shots last night, in all different poses. Fun silliness. I thought the big glasses would look ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure I like them at this point 🙂

  3. you crack me up gf! how can one be too lazy…er busy to NOT restock the DDP? oy. that is a sin you know. leave it to you to coordinate the lipstick and the tank top *g*

    1. I had an excuse – that was the week I hurt my arm and had trouble driving 😉 Oh, and I must clarify, I don’t drink DDP. Only the high-test DP for me. No matter how much they make it taste like the regular stuff, I can always taste the diet. Blech. I wish I couldn’t – my darn soda habit costs me 3 WW points every time I indulge.

      1. The leaded DP is way to sweet for me….so that I am happy with. But…now I am drinking way more water then soda…actually tastes pretty darn good!

        1. I really should be drinking way more water than soda…

  4. Thanks for the great picture of you and Granny. It made me smile. I think the glasses work!

    1. Thanks, Cuz 🙂

  5. Your photo is great–yep, the lipstick and tank top colors are lovely complements of each other. I have humongous sunglasses, too–self-defense due to living in Tucson and broiling my eyeballs occasionally.

    What to do when you can’t sleep? Well, first off, my sleep patterns are much like yours but it’s not due to caffeine but a yappy brain that won’t shut up. So, I would always choose your second option and read blogs until my eyeballs roll out of my head and down the stairs for anyone at all to step on in the middle of the night.

    I’m quite enjoying your blog and your wonderful sense of humor.

    1. I have that yappy brain syndrome! I am currently blaming it on caffeine, but who knows if that’s the cause? I just can’t stop *thinking* about stuff. I usually am either designing some crafty project, or composing some “eloquent” blog post, even though what I really want is to just turn it all off! I find playing solitaire ad nauseum on my Palm helps knock me out in those situations.

      Thanks – I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! I’m really enjoying writing lately.

  6. You look cute AND sexy!

    AND you’ve been tagged!
    See the details here:
    Dancinjules Blog

    1. Cool! I’ll have to play tomorrow when I can think without the haze of overwhelming fatigue 🙂

  7. You crack me up. Thos glasses are ginormous. I just cannot be that trendy.

    And btw, the first thing I notice in pictures of myself is my teeth. They’re HUGE!

    1. “Trendy” is not normally the first thing people think of when they think of me, LOL! They are pretty darn huge, though…

    2. Ok, don’t ask me what I was doing reading a post that is now nearly 8 months old, but here I was, and I noticed that my reply to your comment was worded poorly. It looks like I’m agreeing with you that you have huge teeth. For the record, I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures of you where your teeth are visible, and therefore I am not qualified to comment on their size. I was referring to the hugeness of my sunglasses.

      I feel better now. Carry on 😀

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