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They’re finally gone

Packing and shipping is just one tedious task after another…

1. Picking the items, 2. Packing the orders, 3. Charging credit cards, 4. Weighing the packages, 5. Printing shipping labels, 6. Affixing the labels, 7. Packing the mailbag, 8. Requesting a pickup, 9. Ready to be picked up!

Today’s load (which was somewhat larger than usual) took me nearly 3 hours, not including the time it took to get all of the shipping paperwork together (which I did last night), do the “Yay! I’m done and I made it in time for the mail pickup!” dance (which I did as soon as I dragged that insanely-heavy mail bag outside), and do the post-shipping processes including sending out shipping notices (which I’ll do later tonight).

I really dislike the whole shipping process, and if I could I would offload it to someone else. The best I’ve been able to do is hire son #1 for package weighing / label affixing duties and son #2 for mail bag loading duty. Frankly, that’s got more to do with giving them a sense of accomplishment and an understanding of working for your money than it does being a help to me. I usually end up re-packing son #2’s mail bag when he’s not looking, and son #1’s jobs, while well done, are anything but speedy Wink

I can’t help but think, as I stuff yet another copy of Cats Big & Small into yet another #3 rigid envelope how much more satisfying it would be to be doing something creative instead… For the time being I have found some compromise – crafty podcasts. This morning I listened to Alison Lee chat with Celie Fago on CraftCast, and SisterDiane talk to Jeffrey Yamaguchi of 52 Projects on CraftyPod while I worked. I downloaded a whole pile of conversations from CraftCast, CraftSanity, and CraftyPod recently so that I could have something interesting going on while I work, and I still have plenty to get through. By the time I’m done, I’m sure there will be a nice new crop to download, and there are probably a few other good podcasts I haven’t even looked at yet Smile

And now I have to go somehow pull dinner out of my, er, I mean, go prepare something nice to feed my family Wink

Hope everyone has a nice weekend – I am sure mine will be a lot nicer, now that I don’t have all of those shipments hanging over my head!! Maybe I’ll get a chance to do something artsy that I can post about…



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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “They’re finally gone

  1. Hey Lisa…if I grovel real hard and whimper and beg….will you process my order for Donna’s book?

    I haven’t forgotten I still owe you the baked crisp lo cal recipe. I put it someplace safe and now *I* have to find it! sometimes those safe places are too safe yanno?

  2. Gee, I’m sorry… no recipe, no Donna Kato book 😉

    Heh, but seriously, I fully intend to be on-time for my regular Tuesday shipments this week. I’ll process your order by Monday.

  3. ROFL…mean woman you mean woman. I will tear apart the kitchen looking for it after I move the 18″ pleco from his tank to a holding tank so my DP can give his tank a thorough cleaning.

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