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Fun new DVDs!

ps04-flickrGuess what I found out about today… Page Sage is producing a new DVD by Judy Belcher, current president of the National Polymer Clay Guild and author of what I think is the best clay book to hit the scene in the last several years. The DVD is expected to be available in Spring of 2007. Although it’s still awfully chilly here in New Jersey, I believe that officially Spring started about a month ago wink. So… should be soon! In the meantime, I’ve made it available for preorder on my website. I always get excited when a new caning video comes out. I’ve been doing this for ages, and I know my way around a cane, but there’s always something to be learned by watching another artist at work.

ccpsh1d-flickrAlso exciting is Sherri Haab‘s new DVD produced by Creative Catalyst Productions. It’s been sitting here for nearly a week and I only had time to open the box yesterday. I also had time to watch the first half of it and see the beginnings of a PMC charm bracelet. Can’t wait to see how that ends – I’m already getting antsy to dig out my box of PMC supplies and make myself some charms. I blame Sherri Haab for getting me involved in polymer clay. Well, in truth, it’s userinfo-flickrclarkesworld ‘s fault for buying me The Incredible Clay Book for Christmas in 1995. I realize the book was meant for kids, but I loved her style then and I still do.
This title is ready to ship now.

75px-dr_pepper_bottle-flickrAnd now, I must pack up son #2 and trek through the flood to Shop Rite. We are all out of some of the bare necessities of life, including bathroom wipes, pop tarts and the ever-important Dr. Pepper. If I don’t have a Dr. Pepper soon, I may start getting the shakes.

When I return, I will be adding a pile of new magazine issues to the website so keep an eye open for that, and (with luck) I’ll be cracking open a can of Dr. Pepper, sharing some of the kids’ easter candy, and watching the rest of that PMC DVD. There’s nothing like porking up while learning something new and crafty, eh? grin



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