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Arrgh! UPS!

I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for days for some new DVDs, new magazines, and backordered books to show up here. I even had the books sent 2nd Day Air so that I could have them quickly, as I had customers waiting for them. By Wednesday I was getting antsy. By yesterday, I was sending email to the book publisher looking for a tracking number for my package. By today I was getting irritated at not receiving a reply from the publisher, and not receiving any of the boxes I was waiting for. Grrrr.

So a little while ago, I gave the kids ice pops and I made them eat them outside in the back yard. I sat out there with them. We chatted. I sampled their ice pops. I looked to my left. 3 boxes were sitting in a lawn chair. I got up and took a closer look… my backordered books! My new magazines! My new DVDs! And according to the little stickers on the sides of the boxes, they’ve been sitting there since Tuesday. TUESDAY!

I don’t know if I’m more annoyed at UPS for dumping my boxes in the back yard, or more annoyed at myself for not thinking to look there… I’m going to have to go back to posting a sign in the back, redirecting them to the front. I’m just glad it didn’t rain.



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