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My latest obsession

I’m finally working on a project that’s been percolating for over a year – family tree magnets. I’ve made more photo transfers this weekend than I care to count, and have tried out two different designs for the magnets.

For the first set, I used all of the different patterns in my “Americana” color scheme and framed b&w family photos with them. For the second set I made an elaborate batch of skinner blends. I started with 4 main blends for the 4 sets of grandparents, and then blended the colors in those blends to make their children’s blends. Confused yet? Here is a sample. Left to right is the original photo, a magnet done in the first style, and a magnet done in the second style.

I’m thinking of combining the two styles. I like the patterns on the first, but I like the white and black outlines on the second one. Looks like I’m going to be making another pile of transfers this week…


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