Not a good time

Yesterday morning I went food shopping for all of the ingredients that would get me started on a cleanse. I read the book Clean a few months ago, and it completely sold me on the idea at the time, but I hadn’t been able to find three convenient consecutive weeks to try it out. This past weekend, I decided that there would never be a perfect time, and I should just go for it.

So Monday I loaded up on the right foods, and this morning I made almond milk. That was kind of cool.

I followed the almond milk up with a green smoothie recipe from the book. Oh, man. It was like drinking liquid leaves. I had a hard time getting the first gulp down, but I threw in a frozen peach, re-blended, and it was marginally palatable. I finished the whole thing, but I didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

Lunch time was nice. I made some sesame ginger chicken. Yummy.

Lunch is the only solid meal you are allowed on this program, so I pulled out the blender again for supper. This time I tried a recipe for chilled cucumber soup. I really wish I had liked it, but I just couldn’t take it. Three spoonfuls and I gave up.

And when I say “gave up,” I mean “made myself a peanut butter sandwich and gave up the cleanse entirely.”

See, undergoing a cleanse is a dicey prospect for this vegetable-impaired girl on a good day. But I was eager to make it work, and I figured I would just experiment with recipes until I found the magic liquid concoction(s) that I wouldn’t mind downing twice a day for three weeks. But this was just not a good time to start. And here’s why:

We just lost the contents of our refrigerator and freezer to the hurricane. They are empty of all of the little things that come in so handy when you are trying to tweak a recipe. I have no ability to experiment right now.

And probably most important reason? Neil lost his job yesterday afternoon. Right after my big splurge at Whole Foods. Ugh.

No, not a good time.

I can’t be experimenting with vegetables I may or may not like, or making entire blenders full of soups that will just get poured down the drain, when there’s no money coming in.

So, the cleanse will wait. It seems rather small in the grand scheme of things now, anyway.

I think my smoothie-making time is going to have to give way to job-searching time. What a bummer. I was kind of hoping to build Polka Dot Cottage into a nice little venture that would support us into our old age, along with Neil’s Clarkesworld Magazine. But neither of us have gotten there yet.

Maybe someday :-)