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I got a perky new haircut today. Now that summer is nearly here, I decided that it was time to indulge my desire to go short. I’ve wanted to do this for months, but I always stop just short of it. This time, though, I made up my mind ahead of time, brought a picture with me, and got exactly what I wanted.

It’s not like my hair doesn’t grow super fast anyway. If I didn’t like it, I could probably just wear a hat for two months.

129/365: May 9 - New hair. Felt the need to go short.

I do like it, though. So, yay!

See a little peek of my shirt there? That’s one of two more Sorbetto‘s. Yep, I’ve found my sewing mojo at last. (Sadly, when I find my sewing mojo, I simultaneously lose my dining room table and (often) parts of the floor. Not a pretty sight in there at the moment.)

Rather than peck away at you all week with “look at this shirt” and “look at this other shirt” and, of course, “look at yet one more shirt” kind of posts, I’m saving it all for one bigger post next week. I figure I still have a few more Sorbetto’s and a Simplicity 3835 in me before I retire the machine for a while. I may even whip up another a-line skirt, like those I was once famous-ish for. I don’t find myself wearing skirts much anymore, though. I prefer not having to sit in a ladylike manner if I can help it. Ha!

So, it’s Thursday, and it’s been a productive week. Aside from the sewing, I’ve also been working on a few shop orders for crochet hooks and loom picks, and I’ve been slowly chipping away at my new crochet blanket in the evenings. I think I could safely call the blanket 1/5th of the way done. I’m trying not to rush it or to put any pressure on myself to finish it quickly – that’s a surefire way to be miserable working on it. I know I haven’t shown you that blanket yet, but if you look up at the flowers on my blog header and imagine them surrounded with a creamy white background, you’ll get the idea.

Well, it’s been nice chit-chatting on this Thursday afternoon, but my short haircut and I need to run. We have some hooks and picks to sand and buff this afternoon, if we want to get them in Friday’s mail. Have a happy day!

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