A True Tale of Torn Trousers

Once upon a time, I had a pair of jeans that I truly loved. Not being one for whom jeans generally fit well, it is always greatly-appreciated when I come across a pair that doesn’t need to be pulled up, yanked down, or otherwise fussed-with every 10 minutes. I found these GAP Flare jeans in a thrift shop last year sometime and they’ve since become my go-to casual pants.

In an unfortunate turn of events, I discovered a gaping hole in my favorite jeans last week. It was an upper-thigh hole, which is kinda weird. I’ve blown out the knees on plenty of jeans (particularly when the boys were little, and I spent a lot of time kneeling) but never the upper thigh. I am choosing to believe that these jeans were mostly worn out by the previous owner. It’s either that or entertain the possibility that my thighs rub together more than they used to.

I don’t care for that possibility, so it can’t possibly be true 🙂

Yesterday, rather than be seen in public with such an unfortunate tear in my pants, I set about to patch it up. A little Amy Butler fabric and some embroidery floss did the trick nicely, I think.

This is not the most elegant solution in the world, and I still can’t get over what a weird place it is for a hole, but it’s good enough for now. It’s sorta artsy-looking, and I get to keep wearing my comfiest pair of jeans until I have a replacement. Yay!

Speaking of replacements, I have really come to love eBay for this kind of thing. I have no problem with second-hand clothes and shoes, as long as they look enough like they could have been purchased new. You wouldn’t believe how many pairs of women’s GAP jeans you can find on eBay. Roughly 14 thousand! Even if you get more specific (Women’s GAP Flare 12 Ankle), there’s a lot to choose from. I got a pair for $15 and they’ll be here next week. Double yay!

Any time I have this kind of luck buying clothes on eBay, I suddenly want to buy more than I need. I have my eye on another pair like these in a different wash. And, hmmm, maybe I need a new shirt or two? A fine gauge sweater, perhaps? Somebody stop me…

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6 thoughts on “A True Tale of Torn Trousers

  1. As a vertically challenged individual I cannot tell you how much I hate shopping for jeans. It is only trumped by how much I hate shopping for and wearing dress pants.

    Let us know how the eBay pants work out!

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