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Everyday Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Taryn Shawl

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Cogwheel Cardigan Knitting Pattern

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Colorful Mugs

Skinner Blend Quilt

Things you can buy

  • My patterns and tutorials can be found here.
  • My handmade items are also found here, but only sometimes. If you don’t see them on the front page, then I’m afraid I’m not currently taking orders.


Any time I use a hashtag that starts with #pdc, it is in reference to one of my patterns or handmades.

If you’d like to share an image of something you made from one of my patterns, there are a few ways you can get my attention:

  • tag me! @lclarke522
  • use the #polkadotcottage hashtag
  • use the #pdc<itemname> hashtag.

My photography gear

I take most of my photos with a smartphone. Since Christmas 2017, I have used a Samsung Galaxy s7. Before that for two years, I used a Samsung Galaxy s5. Before that, a selection of really terrible cell phones and tablets not worth linking to.

Occasionally, I use a DSLR. As of October 2017, that’s a Canon EOS 80D. Before that, a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

When I first joined Instagram in 2012, all of my photos were taken with the T3i and copied onto an ASUS Android tablet for processing and posting (I didn’t have a smart phone until January 2014).

My favorite apps for editing Instagram photos have varied over the years, but right now I use Snapseed almost exclusively, and sometimes I dip into A Color Story, too.