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Somewhere in the Woods

Somewhere in the Woods Polka Dot Radio Playlist

I think I have figured out my pattern when it comes to blogging about my musical playlists. Basically, just as I am mulling over the tracks that I may put on my next playlist, I remember, “oh! I never shared the last one on the blog!” And then I do.

So here I am today, true to form, thinking about whether I might want to come up with an Advent playlist again, since it’s been five years since I made the last one, and it hits me that I never told you about my Fall 2020 playlist. Duh.

I do hope you are still in the mood for music with an Autumnal vibe. There are, after all, still several weeks left in this season. Personally, though, I’m feeling an earlier-than-usual pull towards the Christmas spirit. It must be a side-effect of all of the weirdness this year has brought. Generally, I am pretty strict about keeping my holiday music and lights and decorations at bay until Thanksgiving is well over. But this year, it wouldn’t take much to convince me to just forget Thanksgiving and go straight to being merry.

I hardly recognize myself for feeling this way. I love Thanksgiving!

Oh well. Anyway. This all has very little to do with the playlist I popped on here to share!

Allow me to present Somewhere in the Woods: a 20-track playlist that’s very much like most of my other seasonal playlists. It features a mix of mellow and upbeat, Fall themed and themeless…

You can listen via the player below, or click here to open the Spotify app and listen there.

The tracks from this playlist have also been added to Collection: FALL, which contains all of the Fall playlists I’ve made since 2012. It’s about 11 hours of music, and nice to shuffle at this time of year. It’s like Fall Radio (I like that – maybe I should rename it!)

P.S. I am contractually obligated to inform you that my 17-year-old son introduced me to track two, “&” by Tally Hall, and that I did not discover it on my own 😜


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