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Weekend Favorites

Guys, guess what. I finished my September Sweater! And it only took me a total of 18 days! I can hardly believe it. I have never, ever knit a sweater so quickly. So, it’s finished, and I can’t wait to show it to you. It will have to wait until I have had a chance to process the images from my backyard photo shoot, and I have a lot of words to write about it, too, given all of the customization I did to the pattern and all.

So be on the lookout for that, sometime in the next few days! I the meantime, I’ll be hoping for some 60-degree-or-less mornings and evenings so I can wear the darn thing.

Ooh! I’ve just had a great idea for another photo shoot image, but I’ll need a Pumpkin Spice Latte as a prop. Oh, the things I must do for the sake of art! (Heh.)

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The mosaic below represents other people’s pictures that spoke to me this week. Be sure to click on the titles below the mosaic, if you want to know more about the image or the photographer behind it.

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Weekend Favorites at Polka Dot Cottage

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Have a great weekend! I’m off to source that latte…


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Congrats on finishing the sweater! I just wrote a post about how you helped inspire me to work on a September sweater. It isn’t done yet, but I’m working.

    1. That is so cool, Kat, thanks for the shout-out 🙂 I hope you finish soon!

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