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The Doctor and the Cyberman

Bam! week 30 - Going to be an interesting day

I began my day armed with a hot cup of Ocean City Blend and a voice mutator.

Filming has begun on a new season of Doctor Who – new cast, new crew, on location in my back yard.

When you are the mother of a Cyberman, especially one whose threatening mantra of  “You will be deleted” has been cleverly replaced by the Doctor with the much sweeter “Mommy, Mama, I love Mama,” well, it’s nice to be able to respond in kind.  Hence the voice mutilator, and a little “Baby, baby, I love baby” out the kitchen window while sipping my morning coffee.



Filming Doctor Who

Filming Doctor Who

It warms my heart to see how well the cast has been getting along during the three days of this shoot.  You know, these things have a way of coming to a crashing end, often with a supporting actor losing interest and wandering off the set, while the star of the show (who is also the director) fumes at the subordinate’s refusal to take direction and see the show through to the end…  Three days, though, and no incidents.

I suspect the union successfully argued for more Super Mario breaks between takes.  That goes a long way toward ensuring cooperation and harmony on set.


*contented sigh*

I just want to sit back, close my eyes, and drink in all of this goodwill between brothers.

These are good, creative days.  Good days, indeed.


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “The Doctor and the Cyberman

  1. LOVE THIS!!!! I love that they are doing it. I love that they are doing it multiple days. I love that you are able to enjoy it. And I love that you are documenting it. 🙂

    1. Surprisingly, it went on for another day or so, before falling apart… They do this kind of thing all the time, but it is remarkable when they do it so cooperatively. They’ve really been getting along well lately. I feel quite lucky for this phase!

  2. Too sweet…

  3. I’ve been finding Dalek graffiti all over the house lately. My fourteen year old (girl) is Dr. Who OBSESSED!

    1. She would find kindred spirits in my boys, particularly my 11-year-old! (I imagine it is not easy being a 14-year-old female Doctor Who fan…)

  4. Blogging: The Doctor and the Cyberman

  5. This is awesome! I love how creative kids can be. 🙂

  6. @tommacwriter @steven_moffatt @bbcdoctorwho These are my friends kids in USA–future of Dr W:The Doctor and the Cyberman

  7. I sent this post on to my husband who has demanded a doctor who themed quilt 🙂 We are OBSESSED. Our upcoming “goal” is to watch all of the OLD Doctor Who’s from way back. I NEED MORE DOCTOR!

    1. Ooh, a Doctor Who themed quilt? How do you plan to manage that one?
      I really enjoy all of the new Doctors, but I can’t seem to force myself to watch the old ones yet… My 11-year-old has no such problem, though 🙂 He’s watching all he can via Netflix.

      1. I found some Doctor themed fabric on Spoonflower and am using the Urban Lattice pattern from Cara (Me? A Mom?). The front will be the urban lattice and the back will have a SMALL paper pieced TARDIS.

        I guess quilting and Doctor Who are the perfect marriage of two totally geeky passions, right?

        1. Absolutely 🙂 That is a very ambitious project! I’d better not let any of the men in my family see any pictures of it when you’re done, LOL!

  8. Oh this is SO cool! We’re into Who, too. And *where* did you get the voice mutator and the cyberman mask?!?

    1. Gifts! The voice mutator was a Christmas gift from my parents (to me!) several years ago. There’s a similar one available on Amazon. My in-laws gave Aidan the Cyberman helmet for Christmas one year, and Eamonn got a Dalek. Amazon had them once, too, but I don’t see the exact ones they have anymore (that link is to what they do have).

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