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Polls and other bloggy stuff


So, thanks for answering my poll last week!  I learned that most of what I talk about is liked somewhat equally across the board.  I’m glad to know that.  There was only one thing that got significantly fewer votes than the other topics, and that was my interview series.  Well, maybe you’ll like it better over the next three weeks – I’m introducing a little twist.  Then I’ll retire it for a little while.

I appreciate the feedback.  It really does help.  You know how I love to tweak things around here, and having a better idea of your likes and dislikes can help when I’m considering directions to go.  So thanks!

By the way, I was thinking last week about ways in which we can support our favorite bloggers.  We crafty/slice-of-life bloggers do it for the love of it, but if someone wants to show their appreciation for good content in a gift-giving kind of way, then we should make it easy for them, don’t you think?  It was in that spirit that I wrote up this informational page for my own blog (but I think most of these options are available for a lot of us, not just me).  Feel free to read it, if the topic interests you at all.

Feel like weighing in on something else?  How about social bookmarking?

Do you ever read a good article and then share it with your friends on another network?  What’s your favorite way to do that?  I’m a Google Reader girl myself.  When I share something with GR, it shares the article with my contacts within Reader, but I also have it set up so that it displays right here on my blog sidebar and posts to Twitter, too.  It also posts to Facebook (or, at least it used to – I think that broke and I never bothered to fix it.)  So, essentially, I share here on the blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook, but I do it through one source: Google Reader.  For me, that means all I need is a Google Reader button attached to the posts I like, and I’m golden.

I’m looking to have the right mix of sharing options at the end of my posts, and it would help greatly if I knew what kinds of services you all tended to use when sharing content with your friends.  What buttons would you like to see?

I’ve been playing around with options, but really, I’m just stabbing in the dark here.


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