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Mother’s Day 2010

Last night, the wind whipped wildly through the trees, and I lay awake, visions of scraggly branches crashing through the windows where my children were peacefully sleeping.  Neil indulged my irrational little fear and suggested retreating to the lower level of the house.  And so, we carried our groggy babes downstairs for a Mother’s Day Slumber Party at Midnight. It was a fun little idea – one we may do again sometime, even without the (largely imaginary) threat of impalement from flying trees.


I awoke this morning on the couch, under my favorite quilt.  The boys had been up already for more than an hour, and were being nice and quiet.  They had each made me a few drawings and activity books, in addition to the sweet little things they had made for me in school the week before.  Neil brought me a cup of coffee.  We had cinnamon rolls.  I stayed under that quilt and read a very good book for another few hours.

Later, I will take out our wedding china, which we never ever use, and I will serve up both grandmother’s a slice of apple pie, and maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It was to be a homemade pie, but having spent so much time lounging around this morning, I’ve decided that pie-making is an unrealistic expectation of myself.  Frozen pies are good, too.

I haven’t figured out lunch or supper or any of the time in between just yet, but I’m ok with that.  So far just going with the flow, under my quilt, in my pj’s, has made this a lovely Mother’s Day, indeed.

Happy happy, to all of you out there, too!

P.S. I’ll draw a winner for the book giveaway later today 🙂

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2010

  1. Happy Mothers Day, Lisa. What a fabulous day. 🙂
    .-= See Kashoan’s latest blog post: Mother’s Day 2010 & A Giveaway Winner! =-.

    1. Thanks, Kashoan, it was a really nice day. Hope you had a great one, too!

  2. sounds like a lovely time…even though there were scraping of the branches going on.

    it is nice to hunker down though and just hang with the family and of course eat frozen yummy pie.

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