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Perfectly Paired + giveaway

My new favorite earrings

I feel so lucky these past few months, to be getting the chance to flip through some very excellent craft books, often before they officially hit the market.  Today I have to thank Karin, who is a blog reader and also the editor of Patricia Kimle‘s new book, Perfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays, for sending a copy of it my way.

For my last few book reviews, I did projects directly out of the book.  That’s generally how I operate when I’m knitting or sewing, because I don’t feel those crafts are in my blood just yet.  I’ve still got a lot to learn.  Polymer clay, though, is a different story.  I very rarely do a polymer project straight out of a book.  What I am more likely to do is flip through the book, look at the pictures, read the most intriguing projects, and then let the whole thing percolate for a few days.  At that point, the book either inspires me to action or it doesn’t.  If something emerges, it is most often a hybrid of things I saw in the book and things I already knew how to do.


Luckily, this is one of those books that got me to the clay table within a few days of first looking through it.  I have a little bit of experience in metal clay, and I still had an unopened pouch from the last time I touched the stuff several years ago, so I was good to go as soon as I knew what I wanted to try.

Earrings Pendant Pendant Necklace

What I ended up with was two pairs of earrings and two pendants, all of which combined elements of the “Layered Leaf Earrings” and the “Layered Pattern Pendant Necklace” (the top two images pictured from the book up there) with things that were already second nature to me.

I pretty much flew solo for the polymer parts, but I was glad to have Patti’s instructions to remind me of some of the things I’ve forgotten about metal clay.  Also, I’d never used liver of sulfur before to give my silver a patina (I’d always used the hard boiled egg method) so it was nice to have some guidance there.

Earrings and pendant set #1

The verdict?  I love these pieces.  Especially the semi-circle earrings. I want to make more!  More!  MORE!

This book is well worth it, if you like the look of silver and polymer together (and really, who doesn’t?) I like that it jumps right into the projects, saving the “basics” sections for the back of the book.  As someone who has experience in both types of clay, I like not having to wade through all of that introductory stuff in a book, but I like that it is available as a refresher if I need it (which I did, for the metal clay).

Earrings and pendant set #2

Also included in the book are some wireworking and metalworking basics, which I didn’t need for this project, but may come in handy down the road.  I was intrigued by some of the jewelry that involved attaching purchased silver parts to the silver clay parts, but I am not quite ready to take on soldering just yet!

So how about you? Interested in trying some of these techniques for combining polymer and metal clays? Leave a comment here and be entered to win your own copy of Perfectly Paired.  I’ll choose a random winner on Sunday night (3/21).

Until then, here are some links to keep you busy:

[edited to add: based on the discussion in the comments re: lack of kiln, I wanted to mention that I fired my pieces in a hot pot, which came with a beginner kit several years ago.  It’s been great for someone like me who can’t afford a kiln, and who is jumpy at the thought of using a torch.]


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Posted on 31 Comments

31 thoughts on “Perfectly Paired + giveaway

  1. You did a lovely job. I have never tried metal clay… fear of failure and lack of equipment…
    .-= See Jael’s latest blog post: Orchid =-.

  2. ooh! sounds like a lovely book! i love your half circle earrings.
    .-= See gerri’s latest blog post: help for haiti: it’s my turn =-.

  3. Gorgeous pieces, Lisa! I really love the combined look of the silver with the polymer and, of course, the color is just fabulous for this time of year. I’m curious – did you use a kiln for firing the metal clay or a torch? I’ve worked with it before in a class but the teacher fired the pieces in her kiln. I would love to work with it again but, alas, don’t own a kiln.
    .-= See Karen’s latest blog post: Saturday Morning Tea =-.

    1. Karen,
      I don’t own a kiln either. All the pieces in the book are fired with a butane torch on a piece of soldering board. You can get a torch an solder board for about $50. at any of the metal clay suppliers.


  4. The semi-circle earings are amazing!

  5. What a great book! I can’t wait to read it and try some of the ideas. I’m new to polymer and have had two classes in PMC. The look of polymer and silver is a winner all the time.

  6. Sweet! I really love the style of this book – sort of organic. And I really like what you’ve done with it – very inspiring.

  7. I LOVE anything metal clay and polymer combined. And a girl simply does not have enough books to keep challenged methinks.
    Your description if it makes me WANT it badly.. so I’ve put in on my constantly expanding wish list.
    Your pieces are wonderful and I fully agree, I love semi circles !
    Have a great playful day

  8. lovely work-book looks well worth buying but would love to win a copy!

  9. Thank you SO much Patti! I do own a “creme brulee” torch and will give it a go with that!
    .-= See Karen’s latest blog post: Saturday Morning Tea =-.

  10. I LOVE these so much! I’ve been wanting to get into PMC but thought that I’d have to own a kiln. Great book and great job!
    .-= See Rebecca’s latest blog post: Seeing the world through polarized lenses =-.

  11. Lisa, as always your touch in polymer clay is so gentle and elegant! i love it and i will be happy to win a book 🙂

    I missed you in Synergy! hope to see you again next time

    take care

  12. Very cool! I might just have to give in and start PMC as well as polymer.

  13. I’m looking forward to this book, so it’s nice to get a sneak peak. Even better to see some lovely results.

  14. Those earrings are amazing. I’ve always wanted to dip into silver metal clay, just was afraid of the expense. Looks like it might be worth the trip. Thanks for the review.

  15. those are just awesome Lisa. You did a great job on all parts.
    .-= See Kathi’s latest blog post: Bakersfield Polymer Clay Guild Offering =-.

  16. I’m loving the look of both the earrings and the pendent. I have a torch and am not afraid to use it. 😉 Just needed the right nudge. This book may be the one to do it for me.

  17. They look great, Lisa! I’ve done a little bit with metal clay, but not very much. Maybe I’ll try a little experimenting on my own. =)

  18. Love your earrings and necklace. I just may have to preorder the book!

  19. Excellent job on the earrings and pendant, Lisa. I’ve always wanted a kiln but don’t have one, so I’m happy to learn that I can do silver clay with a torch or a hot pot. Thanks!

  20. Those earings are gorgeous! I’d love to be able to make something similar.

  21. I love what you made! I’ve made jewelry in the past, but with wire and beads. This looks like just the thing to inspire me to try something completely different. I’ve never tried metal clay, but it looks like fun. Thanks for the review and the chance to win!
    .-= See Elizabeth’s latest blog post: Citius, Alitius, Fortius! =-.

  22. I bet my mom would like to try this, she uses beads and crystals to make her own jewelry. Hmmmmm, a gift idea?
    Your creation is lovely.
    .-= See Lisa’s latest blog post: a snapshot =-.

  23. Wow Lisa those pieces are fabulous!…I so want to get set up to work in PMC…thanks for the chance to get my hands on an new book!…Blessings~Melanie:)
    .-= See Melanie’s latest blog post: Pouring my "Heart into my Art" and a giveaway! =-.

  24. I have ALL the materials, all the tools, and just need some guidance to employ all these wonderful mediums. I have been afraid to use my PMC for fear of wasting it. I see so many ideas I desperately want to try, especially the capped heart! That is amazing.

  25. RT @lclarke522: Have u entered the #polymerclay and #metalclay book giveaway on my blog yet? Choosing winner tonight:

  26. I could not stand it any longer….I just pre-ordered the bugger….cannot wait to get my hands on a copy… 😉
    .-= See Melanie’s latest blog post: Full Steam Ahead!.. :)…and the winner that wasn’t .. 🙁 =-.

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