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Games people play

Christmas MorningWe’re thinking of getting a video game system for ourselves as a family gift this Christmas.  We’ve never had anything like this before, so we’re really not tied to any one brand.

We’d like something that all of us can enjoy, so that means it has to have something for 8 and 5 year old boys, and something for grown-ups who like to blow things up (Neil) and play puzzle-type games (me).

I’m leaning toward a Wii because I’d really like to try Wii Fit, but I am open to suggestions.

Anyone have a recommendation?


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Posted on 22 Comments

22 thoughts on “Games people play

  1. Wii. No question. I’ve sworn off new video game units or there would be one under our tree.

    1. Cool. I’ve resisted this long, worrying about the boys spending too much time staring into screens and not enough time doing things. But they have been so good since school started, in terms of the time they spend on their computers or with the TV, to the point that I haven’t even had to ask them to turn them off. They already know when they’ve had enough.

      So, I think we can all manage to play responsibly. Time will tell, anyway!

  2. I vote for the Wii. We have one and actually do play with it some – mostly for the Fit. It’s also fun when we have friends come over and we can start up a game of bowling or tennis.

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    1. Oh, that sounds like fun!

  3. I vote for the Wii as well. It’s what we have (well, what the BF has) and we all play it. The Wii Sports and Wii Fit are surprisingly good exercise and fun to boot.

    Most of the games I’ve played are good fun and there are lots of simple mini games in the larger games.

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    1. Anything that can put “good exercise” and “fun” in the same sentence sounds like a miracle in my book 😀

      1. lol… I’m not an athlete but you need actual coordination to hit the balls in ‘Tennis’ and the boxing, while great for aggression issues is really tiring.

        The Wii Fit games are so peppy it’s painful.

        As a group, we play a lot of mario kart using the projector and the white wall. More fun than it has any right to be and completely kid friendly.

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  4. We received the XBOX 360 last year through a promotion – don’t get it!! It is more for 16-20 something males (probably older, too). There are some games for kids, but mostly linked to disney movies or newly released movies. Get the Wii!! Iif we didn’t have this xbox, weuld deff. get the wii.


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    1. Hmm, I was wondering about the xbox. My brother has it, but he’s a 20-something male, so… Thanks for the feedback!

  5. I’m also going to recommend the Wii, because it’s got games meant for all ages, and it gets you off the couch to play, even without the Wii Fit (which I’m getting for hubby and me for Christmas). There’s a game called Wii Play which has 9 games and a second controller – one is a cow racing game and I know the boys will love that one, and there’s pool, air hockey, fishing…. Suffice to say, it’s way more fun than I’d expected and we don’t even have any kids!

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    1. I seriously need something to get me off the couch these days 😀

      I’m glad it’s got plenty for adults, because I definitely want it to be a “family toy” and not just another diversion for the kids.

  6. Wii. Definitely. The Wii Fit is a blast. There are games for all ages. We have ages 2 – 72 in our house. Even our 2 year old thinks he is playing Wii Fit with us. There are so many games to choose from and it is really a lot of fun. I can’t recommend Wii Fit enough. You will love it.

    Plus, there is a geeky part. You create your own Mii characters. You can take your character and use it on other Wii boxes. Lots of possiblities for the geek in you!


    1. Hahaha, you know just how to appeal to me, don’t you! I bet I’m going to spend more time developing my Mii character than playing any games…

  7. We have a complete blast with our Wii! We have just about all ages playing it regularly- 4, 8, 14 (going on 21!), 29 & 37! The only one not playing it yet is the 22 mo. old- but she tries!

    We don’t have the Wii Fit yet- although I reeeeaaaally want it. We do love the sports game it came with, the kids like the Playground Games, and there’s an alien shooter game my husband likes. Oh- and the Star Wars Lego game is a blast for all of us!

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    1. Thanks for all of the feedback, Ladies. I think I’m sold 😀

  8. you better be sold. I love my Wii and Wii fit. And yes, bowling, tennis, golf, and creating your own character are a blast and will induce sweating with fun.

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  9. What a great question! My dh and I were talking about getting one also. No more talking now, I’m buying one! Thanks for the comments.

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  10. My stepson (now 25) bought himself a Wii. He’s a fan of SuperMario Kart. His sister, now 28, then bought one for herself and her husband- They’re into the Wii Sports and Golf. Now, my husband bought himself one. He loves Raymond’s Raving Rabbids and Death Jr: Root of Evil. I bought myself a Wii Fit, and I love it.

    I have to say, it is a LOT of fun (notice how it’s all about the adults playing). My only suggestion is get rechargable Wii-motes, if it’s going to see a lot of action.

  11. Wii – definately.
    We got one last year as a ‘family’ present, our boys were 14, 9 and 5 at the time, and they all love it, and mum and dad too 🙂
    We are hoping to add the wii fit to our collection this Christmas (if we can find one – grrr)
    Mario Kart is excellent, and Mario Party 8 is a good allround gamefor all ages also, lots of mini games all in one, Carnival is quite good for that too, younger ones will find a lot of them easier to play

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  12. we love the wii. we only have the sports games that came with it and the wii fit. ethan loves golf and bowling and tries really hard with the fit games – he really wants to be good at the hula hoop but so far he’s not getting it. If you want to try it out come on over. 🙂

  13. My vote is for a Wii, too. We have it and my just-turned-4 yr old mastered Super Mario Galaxy, Diego’s Safari Rescue, MarioKart, and Wii Sports. We play MarioKart and Sports together and have a lot of fun. You can’t just sit on the couch to play. That’s the only reason why I agreed to buy a Wii. You have to stand up. Unless you’re a 4 yr old; then you jump up and down on the couch while playing….

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  14. Wii!!!
    MarioKart is perfect for kids and families … teeny learning curve, easy to master, games are short. We got the kids Wii Fit for Christmas based on countless recommendations from friends. I’ll report back : )

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