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Day off

One Object 365 Days: 283/365 10/09/08

Nothing like waking up on a sunny, warm, schedule-free day…


and spending some time stretching your imagination…


and honing your writing skills, before wandering into the kitchen for a little breakfast.

Nice not to have to be anywhere today.  I listened to a few podcasts & cleaned the kitchen while wearing a favorite skirt.  Did you do anything interesting today?

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Day off

  1. Oh how fun for all of you! We get to do that on Monday and I cant wait! Enjoy your weekend! Kashoan

    See what Kashoan has been blogging about: What a Wednesday!

  2. A day off is always a good thing; I’ve got one off today and I’m taking my time doing what needs to be done, plus scheduling in a little play time. =)

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