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Responsibilities and mind games

Lovely living room

Lovely living room One Object 365 Days: 281/365 10/07/08

I am 95-ish percent sure that tomorrow is the day that I will do something about this disaster area I call a house.   Wednesdays are well-known to be perfect all-day cleaning days.

What?  They’re not?  Ok, you got me.  I just made that up.  I have to lie to myself if I’m going to spend my day sweeping up crumbs, sorting piles of mail, and hanging up sweaters…

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Responsibilities and mind games

  1. I spend most of yesterday trying to tidy up my hell hole. I’m still not done!

    See what beki has been blogging about: twelve by twelve

    1. It never ends, does it?! And even if you manage to finish it, somebody wanders through with a snack full of crumbs…

  2. Looks like my house but doesn’t have to be wednesday, lol…

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