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Polka Dot Pacifiers

ScratFor those of you who didn’t read userinfo-flickrclarkesworld‘s announcement on Friday, I thought I’d fill you in on an interesting little development in the Clarke household. Apparently we’re not as done having babies as we might have thought, and another one has decided to join us in September.

userinfo-flickrclarkesworld and the boys have decided that “Scrat” is a good name for this baby. I am thinking this one has GOT to be a girl and Scrat isn’t exactly a name befitting a Lady, but I’m going to let them have their fun. 😉

What does this mean for Polka Dot Creations? Well, I was inclined to pack it in, when I first laid eyes upon that startlingly positive pregnancy test, but userinfo-flickrclarkesworld has talked me into keeping the doors open. I may end up closing for a few months in the Fall, or maybe having someone else take over for me for a while – I don’t really know. What I do know is that I may be a bit slower packing orders for a while. Right now I’ve just been too tired to work on orders at night when I usually do and am having to squeeze them in at some point during the day. Once I’m over the unbelievable fatigue thing, I will undoubtedly be too bulky to comfortably navigate my way around the tight bookshelves, LOL! Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out, I just may not be able to ship 2-3 times a week for a while and may find myself down to 1-2 times. Be sure to let me know if your order is time-sensitive.

Traditionally pregnancy has triggered the feeling in me that all I want to do is lay around reading mysteries and doing logic puzzles. I’m trying to fight this impulse once in awhile so that I can actually get a couple of orders out the door, but it’s an uphill battle, LOL!

And now, I’m going to see if I can squeeze a nap into the schedule before son #1’s school bus arrives home…

Have a great Afternoon!


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Posted on 2 Comments

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