Pink (and white and purple) trees!

I mentioned here a long long time ago, that I had serious pink tree envy. I still do. In previous years, in order to get my flowering tree fix, I’ve had to go to Branch Brook Park, or sneak into my neighbor’s yard. This year, though, I was happy to discover that the landscape around the building where I work is surrounded by flowering trees! Jackpot!

They have the familiar white ones in the courtyard, and a really lovely pink variety lining the rows of the parking lot. But the coolest thing to me? The purple ones. I know of very few purple trees, and none of them are planted anywhere that I can get a shot of them. But these are right outside the entrance to the building, and easily accessible. Cool.

I only brought my 35mm lens with me today, so I couldn’t get very close to the purple blossoms. (Those trees are relatively tall.) I’m considering bringing in my zoom lens later this week.

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