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The theme of this week’s last-minute gift-making spree appears to be “squares.” There are charm squares in the quilt top, and my grandmother’s granny squares in the pillows and nearly-finished table runner. Squares and vibrant colors. Wheeee!

Neil nearly had another heart attack* when he walked in last night and saw all of that color splashed across our living room. He’s not exactly a fan of the old-timey primary-color thing. He was pleased to hear this would all be leaving our house next week. Heh. I think I’ll hold-off telling him about the granny hexagon blanket Aidan wants me to make for him…

* not really

It seems I have bitten off more than I can chew, homemade-wise, this year. I’m going to be soooooo relieved when this is all complete and packed away. I may have to give up the idea of making fancy tags for everything. I’m already pretty sure I won’t have time to sew that polka dot skirt I was going to wear. Booo.

Christmas day is always so lovely, and the mad dash to be done in time fades quickly into the background once we’re all hanging out together by the tree. But until I get there? I’m a ticking time bomb, my friends. Tread lightly lest I go off! <grin>

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