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The Color Challenge!

Color ChallengeIn this monthly crafting challenge, which lasted for one year (August 2007 – July 2008), participants were asked to create artwork in any medium, the only requirement being that the current color was featured predominantly in the work.

Color is universal. It transcends media. A polymer clay artist may easily be inspired by the colors in a swatch of fabric, just as a paper artist may be drawn to the play of hues in an artfully-captured photograph. Color is something that speaks to all creative people, regardless of the materials used to express that creativity.

It was my hope that this challenge would help all of us to grow in “artfulness” by being conscious of our color choices and stretching to include those not normally a part of our repertoire. Although the contest is over, it’s not too late to browse through the flickr pool and let the color in other people’s work fuel your own creativity.

Each month, some favorite entries were chosen from the pool, and of those, one was selected at random to win a prize.

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Challenge Winners:

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