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Family portrait show-and-tell

Posted By Lisa On December 27, 2012 @ 10:52 am In polymer clay | 11 Comments

Good morning! I come to you from Congestion Land this snowy NJ morning. We had ugly weather last night, which made us miss our traditional day-after-Christmas celebration with my family, and although I really hated to cancel, it was probably just as well. I managed to pick up a head cold and it’s just been getting worse and worse. You know how that is. Yesterday was day one, where the pressure in my head was steadily building, and today is day two: full-blown miserable. (Well, almost full-blown miserable. I still feel ok enough to blog!)

This is the first cold I’ve had in something like two years, so I’m not going to complain any more about it. I had a really good healthy run, but I was overdue for this.

How about I start showing you some of the handmades that had me running around like a nut, compromising my immunity, until the very last minute before Christmas? Today, the claythings: Family Portrait Ornaments

The thing about these ornaments is that I don’t really enjoy making them. That’s why they only pop up for sale around here once in a blue moon. The last time I made one for my own family was in 2005, I think, and so I decided we really needed an update.

I made an executive decision to forego the English viscose doll hair I usually use, and make the hair out of polymer this time. It was a good decision. I like the way it came out, and it saved me that nerve-wracking step of plunging hair into the raw noggins of a fully-sculpted family. Screw that up, and you’ve wasted a few hours of your life!

This way I was able to sculpt each individual family member completely before posing them together.

One thing that amps up the fun for me is to dress us up in clothes we actually own. See my new green sweater there? Neil is wearing corduroys, and the boys have on the vests I made them.

This year I also made two other family ornaments: Neil’s sister’s family because there was a wedding, and Neil’s brother’s family because there was a new baby:

I’m pleased with these, but glad they’re done :-)

You know, given that I am so averse to making these things and I do get requests for them every year, maybe I should make a how-to video, so others can have a go at them. Something to think about for 2013…


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