Yarny Buttons

Tweedy, Heathered, and Variegated Buttons in Polymer Clay

Special knit and crocheted projects deserve special buttons, and sometimes the best fasteners are the ones that fade quietly – and artfully – into the background of the garment. What better way to procure unique sweater-matching buttons than to make them yourself?

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Required Skills

Basic polymer clay skills: conditioning, rolling, cutting. Rudimentary understanding of the Skinner Blend and of weaving strips is helpful but not necessary.

Tools and Materials

  • Polymer clay in various colors
  • Pasta machine or other rolling tool
  • Clay blade or other cutting tool
  • Round ¾-inch and 1¼-inch cookie cutters
  • Plastic wrap
  • Knitting needle or other hole-poking tool
  • 1/16-inch drill bit (optional)
  • Sandpaper in 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 grits (optional)
  • Buffing cloth (optional)

Topics Covered

Through this ebook you will learn:

  • How to mix polymer clay to create the colors that will match your yarn
  • How to mimic the look of tweed in clay
  • How to mimic the look of heathered yarn in clay
  • How to mimic the look of variegated yarn in clay
  • How to make a partial blend of 2 colors
  • How to make a 3-part Skinner blend (a seamless gradation of 3 colors)
  • How to weave strips of clay into a fully-woven sheet
  • How to form a button shape
  • How to give your buttons a nice professional finish


Yarny Buttons is fully-illustrated and available in PDF format.  $2.99

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The instructions for this project are currently being published, one variation at a time, for free through a series of posts on my blog.  What you get for your $2.99 here, is a handy ebook version that you can take with you on your favorite mobile device. And you get my sincere thanks for your support!

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