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Knits in progress

I would like to start this post by instructing Boring Office Guy, who is subscribed via email, to cease reading and destroy this message immediately, lest he spoil a Christmas surprise. Thank you. Ok, now that he’s gone… let’s talk about what’s been on my needles lately, starting with something for me: This is going […]

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My Poodle Costume

Or, How to Make an Ugly Vest in Four Easy Steps. This is my first knitted garment, and I knew within the first few rows of knitting that I wasn’t really going to like it much.  But I pressed on, because I wanted to learn the mechanics of vest-making, do a little experimenting, and use […]

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Pancakes, books, and my philosophy of knitting

Yesterday was low-key,  which is just how I like it for Valentine’s Day.  It’s never been one of the “big” holidays for me, and I’d just as soon skip it, were it not for the little people around here.  You can’t really ignore holidays when kids are involved.  They seem to like having excuses to […]

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