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Community Supported Agriculture

I love the idea of joining a CSA, but I’ve resisted for three reasons: The CSA’s around here fill up so fast, there are never any slots available when I’m thinking about it. That’s a lot of vegetables for a family who really doesn’t care much for veggies. It’s more costly than what I’d normally […]

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Food and flowers. Oh, and fish.

As I write there is a power struggle occurring upstairs. A power struggle between two boys who both want the same pen. Nevermind that we have a cup full of other pens not one room away. Neil is on top of the unfolding saga, so rather than get involved (too many cooks spoil the broth, […]

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Grape and Cucumber Salsa

You may have previously heard of Summer in a Cup. Tonight I present Summer on a Chip, aka Grape and Cucumber Salsa. This is one of the two recipes I usually make when I’m invited to a friend’s house for a Summer cookout. Since I was making my first batch of the season this afternoon, […]

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