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So, I found evidence of spring the other morning.  Yes, it required a macro lens to capture it, but still, it’s there!  I will admit I did not have any faith in the groundhog’s prediction of an early spring – after all, we were in the middle of a snow storm on Groundhog Day – […]

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Joy in the daydream

Skirt weather has arrived, and oh, how I have missed it!  I didn’t realize quite how much until I spent yesterday twirling around in my favorite a-line.  Skirt-wearing brings a sort of effervescence with it that I find hard to capture in other ways.  I suppose it’s just that it makes me feel “girly,” which […]

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Spring flowers

So, the first week of March is nearly behind us and I feel that old familiar longing that always creeps in at this time of year.  I look around my yard, and everything is still brown and gray.  Nothing is blooming.  Winter still has a firm grip.   Shouldn’t it be receding by now?  Shouldn’t […]

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Mother Nature’s sense of humor

Happy First Day of Spring!  We awoke to this.  Hardly spring-like.  It was all gone by 10am, but still… Snow?  Really?  That Mother Nature is such a kidder, eh? I’m gearing up for a challenging weekend around here.  I stopped being feverish and miserable from my flu a few weeks ago, but I still haven’t […]

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Delusions of Springtime (and a winner!)

I should have known this would happen.  It’s practically a given.  If I’m going to spend a week being under the weather and stuck in the house, then as soon as I feel well, I am going to take myself to the nearest shopping center and do a little damage to my wallet.  The more […]

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