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Spring walking

I’ve started walking again. I am entirely too sedentary during the day, I think, and I know it’s not good for me. So, I’ve started walking again. This weekend, I went out twice.  the first time, I took both boys with me. It ended up being more of a leisurely stroll than a proper walk, […]

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The rhythm of late May

I love the sweet, predictable rhythm this time of year takes on for me. It starts with our getaway to the shore. It continues with the blooming of the peonies. And the using of the summer linens (cherries and lemons and kitsch!) There is my birthday, a family bbq, strawberries,  the first outdoor breakfast of […]

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Post cards from Branch Brook Park

Is there anything more wonderful than that first string of seventy-degree days in the spring? Everything is more beautiful suddenly: the sun, the clouds, the lovely chartreuse of new leaves…  even the rain feels more optimistic. It’s warm enough at night to leave a bedroom window slightly open, and to shed the heavy Winter blanket […]

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