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Color junkies and the websites who love them

Mmmmmm. Colors. The image above is of tiles I made to show the different cane designs I’ve made in my Swamp color scheme. This particular combination of colors came to me as I was driving through the Great Swamp in late spring a few years ago – the sky, the bark on the trees, and […]

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Wearing your family history

I have a love-hate relationship with image transfers. I love incorporating family photos into my claywork, but I hate the process of transferring. Mainly, the problem is that I have tried so many different methods, and so much time goes by between tries, that I can never remember what worked. I go through plenty of […]

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Confessions of a Sculpey Junkie

Sculpey III: the polymer clay serious artists love to hate. When a newbie comes on the scene, the advice from the veterans is always the same: “Get rid of all of that Sculpey you bought before you knew any better and get yourself some real clay, like Fimo, Premo, or Kato.” I learned to clay […]

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