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Touch-up Tuesday: Fun with faux Polaroids

I just got these really fun magnetic picture frames from Photojojo last week.  They are shaped like Polaroid pictures and feature a write-on/wipe-off surface – dry erase marker also included.  Fun, right?  My family loves scribbling their two-cents onto anything that will sit still long enough, so I knew they’d like these. I found a […]

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Texture layers in Paint Shop Pro

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re in the middle of an ice storm here.  Schools are closed, and there’s a layer of the slippery stuff over everything in sight.  We’ve had so many snow days in just a single month, that the kids will be in school until July at this rate.  So, winter is not […]

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Photo Gift Tags: DIY or Download

(Told you I’d get more mileage out of these Christmas balls yet…)  Ok, so I’ve been super busy this week, but I have a bit of a breather today, and as luck would have it, serendipity gave me something seasonally-appropriate to blog about: gift tags! See, I ordered this snazzy gift tag punch online last […]

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Picture the Holidays week 1 + mini tutorial

Picture the Holidays started this week, and here’s what I’ve got so far: Day 1: Holding onto Gratitude Day 2: Reframing the Season Day 3: All You Need is Love I am not sure what it is about the “Picture” classes, but I find I spend a lot more time in post-processing with these shots […]

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Calendar fun

Let me share what I’ve been playing with today, because I think it’s really nifty.  Paige Balcer of Shutter Sisters shared this set of Photoshop templates that can be used to make a small photo calendar.  The resulting pages are the perfect size to fit inside a CD jewel case for display.  Alternately, a colorful […]

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Polka Dot Downloads

I’ve been hinting about this for a few weeks, and I’ve even had it up and running for the last several days.  You may have noticed, if you’ve been poking around or if you read my blog on Facebook, where I gave everybody a little sneak peek.  It’s official now, though: welcome to the Grand […]

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