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Weekend by the sea

Warning: photo-heavy post ahead 😉 The first week of April is always eventful around here.  Neil and I chose April 1st to get married sixteen years ago, because April was an uneventful month in our family – no other anniversaries or birthdays nearby to contend with.  Well wouldn’t you know it, eight years later we […]

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Ocean Grove, redeemed

Just popping in really quickly tonight.  I’ve been down on Ocean Grove lately, not because it’s not a wonderful place (oh, it is!) but because I haven’t had a lot of luck with taking pictures there.  I’m happy to report, there were no such problems on our most recent day trip.  It was smooth sailing.  […]

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Ocean Grove eats cameras

Or so I was beginning to think. We took a day trip yesterday to Ocean Grove.  Or, more accurately, we took a late-afternoon-into-night trip, as is our usual m.o.  These are the only pictures I was able to take before my camera seized up, lens partially extended, and refused to come back on.  If you […]

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