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Fun with upholstery and curtain-making

Let’s file this under “slowest kitchen makeover ever,” shall we? When we moved here, more than fourteen years ago now, our kitchen looked a lot like this: (These photos were actually taken in 2007, but nothing much had really changed in the intervening nine years, aside from a few knickknacks.) Back then, as a housewarming gift, […]

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Vintagey stripe envy

As you may know, we’ve been using cloth napkins around here since 2007.  I’ve gone a little loopy over them from time to time (the evidence can be found here, if you need some convincing).  I have an everyday set, and three seasonal sets of 20-25 coordinating prints each, and I change them out in […]

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Kitchen greenification

I’m doing pretty well so far with my new routines & task list.  One benefit of that?  I’m actually cleaning up the supper mess before leaving the kitchen in the evening.  And my counters are actually getting cleared off on a regular basis.  Did you think I always had a nice clean kitchen?  Oh, no, […]

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Generation gap

I sometimes think about people from the past and wonder how they would react to the way the world is today.  How would an 1800’s farm girl feel about cruising down a busy highway with the top down?  What would a Revolutionary War era housewife think about the 200+ television channels she could be watching […]

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