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How to connect one granny hexagon to another

So, you made your first hex for the Lakeside Forest Blanket. Congratulations! That’s one down, ninety-eight more to go… Before I show you how to connect two hexes together, let’s talk a little bit about blanket design and the placement of these hexagons. My blanket will be 11 x 9, and the motifs will be […]

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How to crochet a granny hexagon

Are we ready to start making our Lakeside Forest Blankets? In this lesson, I’ll show you how to crochet a single granny hexagon. We’ll be joining all of the hexagons as we go, so consider this your starting motif. It is the only one you will make that is a standalone hexagon. Any subsequent motifs […]

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Crochet-along! Choosing colors

Are you interested in working on a hexagon blanket alongside me? I’m almost ready to post the first tutorial: how to crochet a hexagon, and how to join it to a second hexagon. Assuming I don’t have the flu, I will get that written up and posted by tomorrow. (I have a slight fever and a […]

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