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Sunday in the Swamp

Today was a beautiful and warm October Sunday.  My children were content to spend a lazy afternoon in their PJ’s playing video games, but me? Not so much.  So I grabbed my camera and went solo to one of the prettiest places I know: The Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge. Do you see the frog in […]

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The Swamp Trip

[This post was written by my 10-year-old son, Aidan, aka Boring Office Guy.  Enjoy! –Lisa] I am my mom’s son (obviously) but my point is Lisa is my mom. Anyway this is my first post and it is about this swamp trip. Here are the pictures my mom inspired me to make. By the way […]

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Mother Son Swamp Trek

I got an itch to wander through the Great Swamp today with my camera, and Aidan decided to come with me. Having lost his beloved flip video camera on Friday night, I suggested he borrow my old Canon S3 – it doesn’t zoom anymore, but everything else about it works, including the video functions. We […]

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I followed-through on my idea to spend some quiet time in the swamp by myself yesterday. If you have the chance to spend an hour by yourself, seeking out beauty and listening to the lush sounds of nature do it.  I was there for just under an hour.  My only regret is that I didn’t […]

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Friday Photo Love

You can tell how much time I’ve had for play by how many photos I’ve had a chance to notice: Only six? Yeah.  Kind of busy this week.  I spent Thursday so tightly wound, I thought I might snap.  This summer-to-fall transition is really just as hard for me as it is for the kids, […]

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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend.  For so many families in this area, it’s a time to hop in the car and spend a few glorious days at the Jersey shore.  For us, though, it’s always a relaxing weekend at home; a chance to anticipate summer and revel in some of the simple pleasures of life. Yesterday morning, […]

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Birth days

Yesterday the youngest Clarke turned six.  Partying was done, fun was had. And today we have the dishes in the sink to prove it. What a beautiful day it is, today.  We’ve got Spring Break this week, but if the weather report is to be believed, much of it will be chilly, rainy, and gloomy.  […]

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Swamp folk

Sometimes it’s handy living in such close proximity to a wildlife refuge. Lately it’s been our go-to place when we’re needing a change of scenery. Today, after listening to an hour of one child micromanaging the other’s every move, and after trying unsuccessfully to get him to see that he’d be a much happier boy […]

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