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Project: Simplify week two

This week our mission was paper clutter.  Oh, man, do I have my fair share of that!  There’s the kitchen table, which attracts mail and school papers.  There’s my desk, which has been host to a growing pile of who-knows-what for something like three years.  There’s a corner of my kitchen that I have set […]

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WIP Weekends?

So I had this great idea to start a “Work-in-Progress Weekends” feature, which would feature glimpses into the projects I was currently working on, and would invite you to share in kind. But before I knew it, it was already Monday and I hadn’t made a fancy little blog button to represent the series.  And […]

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Scaling Mount Laundry

The piles of clothes around my bedroom got to be too much finally.  There were baskets and stacks of clean clothes, an overflowing basket of dirty clothes, and a whole lot of over-stuffed bags of clothes to be given away.  Everything was starting to bleed together, and well, I couldn’t walk over to my side […]

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Better living through podcast listening

Every now and then I post about the various tools I like to use to get organized.  Then a few weeks go by, and I am usually posting about what a mess my house is.  The truth is, the best organizational tools in the world won’t help you unless you use them.  Sticking with the […]

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