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The theme of this week’s last-minute gift-making spree appears to be “squares.” There are charm squares in the quilt top, and my grandmother’s granny squares in the pillows and nearly-finished table runner. Squares and vibrant colors. Wheeee! Neil nearly had another heart attack* when he walked in last night and saw all of that color […]

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They’ve been spending the last few days staring deep into screens.  These particular screens are from their grandparents.  There have been other screens too, these few days since Christmas.  And while I would normally feel the urge to limit the time spent  playing with such devices, I’m letting it go. After all, it’s Christmas. What is […]

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We’re not really one of those families who has the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re often lucky to have our act together in that department by Christmas Eve. True to form, this year I’ve been slow to get the house cleaned up, preferring to focus instead on closing up the shops […]

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