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I dug into the pile

I knew I wouldn’t resist the pile for long. I managed to clean the kitchen first, but then I just needed to play. Meet “Button-Embellished Patchwork Scarf in Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints,” who has taken up residence at Etsy and is waiting to go to a loving home. I really like this scarf, but I’m […]

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What is this thing you call “Claypron” ?

Autum Hall, aka Creative Little Daisy, made an apron that appealed to me for its simplicity. It was a light solid color, which I initially mistook for linen, with a patchwork pocket and coordinating colorful ties. I was surprised to learn that it was actually made from canvas. More specifically a canvas painter’s drop cloth […]

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It’s Show-and-Tell Thursday!

Ok, I made that up. But it’s Thursday, and I wanted to show you what I finished yesterday. [Better grab a cup of coffee – this is a long one!] This is the ever-important Christmas apron. Most years, I have good intentions about getting my holiday decorating done nice and early so that I can […]

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Cookies, aprons, pants & more

We made a different kind of cookie yesterday and were waaaaay more successful than we were with the ill-fated Pumpkin Biscotti. This time I had the “help” of a little person, which is always nice, and we slaved away all afternoon getting that sugar cookie dough perfect. Yes, it takes the ultimate concentration to combine […]

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More sewing and a little contest

Yesterday I made the apron I’d been planning to make, and it only took me a hour! The first one I made took twice as long. I guess I’m getting the hang of this sewing thing… Here are some flickr pictures for your viewing pleasure. I had enough fabric left to make a tote bag, […]

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