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I’m not going to write TWiP posts anymore

TWiP is going away. But I plan to share more short blog posts here. And there will be more tutorials. And more shows-and-tells. You may not hear from me every week, but then again, you may hear from me twice some weeks. Three times, if I’m feeling prolific. I’m committed to keeping this blog active. I’m just finally accepting that a weekly TWiP post is no longer the best way for me to do that.

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TWiP: Form and Function

This Week in Pictures, Week 23, 2018

I’ve made changes to the site, and I’m pretty excited about them. These changes are both functional and aesthetic, and I hope that you’ll let me know if you find anything amiss! Oh, and naturally there are pictures. Because despite the nerdy way in which I spent much of my free time, there were still pretty things to share.

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