Sim Card MicroSD Tray Eject Tool

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LIMITED EDITION TOOL: Ever need to pop open your SIM card tray and can’t find that little poking tool that came with your Android phone? Get one with a fancy handle so you can’t lose it!

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Ever need to pop open your SIM card tray and can’t find that little tool that came with your Android phone? Try one of these!

I added a fancy polymer clay handle in one of my signature millefiori designs, making it easy to place on your desk with your pens and pencils. I am often opening my phone’s SIM card tray so I can insert a microSD and transfer photos from my fancy camera. I’ve popped one of these tools into my camera bag, so it’s always handy, and harder to lose than the one that came with my phone.

The handle color and finish is inherent in the clay. No paints or sealers are used, so there is no possibility of chipping. After baking, the handles are wet-sanded through several grits of sandpaper, and then buffed to a nice, soft, satiny shine. They are exceedingly smooth, and pleasant to touch.

Be careful with these tools. The points can be sharp.

These are limited edition tools and may not be available again, once they are gone!


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × .5 × .5 in

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