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One-of-a-kind (or a few-of-a-kind) designs. These are extremely limited editions. Generally there will be only one of each style available, sometimes two. Three if you’re very lucky 😁

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These products are my way of experimenting with styles that differ in some way from my work. Expect different shapes, colors, and textures, some of which may vary considerably from the Polka Dot Cottage style you are used to. Maybe while adding to this collection I will stumble upon a design that everyone (including me) loves, and I will do a larger run. Or maybe this is the last time you will see any of these designs in this shop. It’s all delightfully unplanned and unpredictable.

Due to the fact that these items are handmade, and each one is unique, pattern placement may vary from that depicted in the thumbnail. Obviously, this disclaimer only applies if I make more than one of a particular style. If there’s only one, then what you see is exactly what you get!


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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in

Groovy Earrings, Tie Dye Earrings, Lava Lamp Earrings, Verdigris Earrings, Ocean Earrings, Hard Candy Earrings, Speckled Copper Earrings, Angular Earrings, Striped Decay Earrings, Textured Stripes Earrings, Gold Star Earrings, Copper Waves Earrings, Big Red Flowers Earrings, Little Red Flowers Earrings, Rainbow Bananas Earrings, Robin's Egg and Salmon Sunset Earrings, Terra Cotta Stones Earrings, Fanciful Stripes Earrings, Simplified Stripes Earrings, Terra Cotta in the Night Sky Earrings, Tatooine Sunrise Earrings, Day at the Beach Earrings, Amanita Earrings, Pastel Rock Wall Earrings, Botanica Earrings, Squiggle Earrings, Forever in Blue Jeans Earrings, Retro Denim Earrings, Minty Silver Earrings, Violet Calico Hoop Earrings, Glitterati Earrings


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