Campfire Blanket Crochet Pattern


This lap-size hexagon blanket features a fiery color scheme – a seemingly-random arrangement of reds, purples, and oranges on a neutral gray field. Available as a simple pattern, or with dozens of step-by-step photos.


The Campfire Blanket, a lap-size crochet hexagon blanket pattern, features a fiery color scheme – a seemingly-random arrangement of reds, purples, and oranges on a neutral gray field. To achieve the same look as the sample, work the pattern as written, with three shades of each main color and two grays, arranged in a very precise manner. Alternatively, you can trust your instincts and choose your colors on the fly as you go. I think having multiple shades of each color gives the finished product depth, but if you prefer a more simplified color scheme, simply choose one shade each of red, purple, orange, and gray. It will still work nicely.

This is a great project to work on through the winter, perhaps while sitting in a cozy spot next to the fire. It’s lovely on its own, or as a companion piece to my other hexagon pattern: the Lakeside Forest Blanket. Crochet one of each, for ultimate fireside coziness!

Required Skills

The project is great for beginners!  If you can:

  • chain
  • slip stitch
  • double-crochet

then you can do this.

Included with both versions

  • Four pages that contain the pattern without images, for easier, more economical printing
  • A discussion on the color scheme and layout, plus how to simplify it if desired

Included only in Tutorial version

  • Dozens of step-by-step images to help clarify the process


The Campfire Blanket is a 10 hexagon x 10 hexagon lap-sized afghan. If you wish to make it larger or smaller, please adjust yarn quantities accordingly. To make the pattern as written, you will need 14 hanks of Berroco Vintage (or roughly 200 yards per color of any worsted weight wool, acrylic, or blend yarn) in the following colors:

3 different shades of orange

  • 1 (51130) Tangerine
  • 1 (5164) Tang
  • 1 (5173) Red Pepper

3 different shades of red/pink

  • 1 (51135) Shocking
  • 1 (5150) Red
  • 1 (51181) Ruby

3 different shades of purple

  • 1 (51136) Aurora
  • 1 (5167) Dewberry
  • 1 (5183) Lilacs
  • 2 different shades of gray
  • 4 (5106) Smoke
  • 1 (5116) Dove

For a simplified color scheme, you can use 600 yards of one orange shade, 600 yards of any red or pink, 600 yards of purple, and 1000 yards of gray.


  • G (4mm) hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


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