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A little random fun

For those of you who enjoy a little randomness in life, have you checked out the Close Your Eyes and Point link in the Polka Dot Creations book store? Every time you click it, you get a different, random, list of 50 polymer clay books, videos, magazines, tutorials, whatever. I amuse myself for minutes at […]

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I’ve always thought that I could improve my finished polymer clay jewelry by learning some wireworking techniques. These videos are a good start for absolute beginners. I already know how to do most of these things, so I’m hoping they produce a few more advanced tutorials sometime. I found this link via Cyndi Lavin’s bead […]

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Inspiration Overload?

I can’t believe I’m actually thinking of making myself an apron, or buying one from some talented Etsyan. Suddenly I’m feeling all 50’s housewifeish (without the clean house and dinner on the table, that is). It started around a month ago when I first moved my clay-related rss feeds into the new-to-me Google reader. Since […]

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Calling all authors!

I have a lot more readers to this blog than I used to, so even though I posted an announcement to this effect last year, it bears repeating: Polka Dot Creations is in search of interesting and well-written polymer clay tutorials encompassing a variety of techniques. The articles will be featured on our website and […]

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