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Liathite Sweater and New Shoes

I enjoyed knitting Carol Feller’s Liathite Sweater pattern. it is mostly easy stockinette, plus a nice cable to keep me from getting bored. I love the finished product, too. Here are some photos, and all of the details, in case you want to knit one for yourself. Also: check out my fun new shoes.

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A Shawl With No Name

This is not my first rodeo with the squishy garter stripe idea, but each time I’ve improvised one, I’ve changed it up in some way. I like playing with this kind of design, where you take three or more colors, and alternate them in some way as to make a sort of stripey fade. This time, the shape is more crescent than triangle, due to the strategic introduction of decreases.

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TWiP: Elements and Earrings

This week in Pictures, Week 31, 2022

So many people slow down in August, take some time off. Maybe I should have done that, too, but instead I decided I needed a creative project to shake up my polymer clay world a bit. So I came up with the Earring of the Day project, a great excuse to play with lots of different techniques.

Then, just for kicks, I signed up for a photography project. I am taking part in Picture Elements, which is a prompt-based photography class, which explores 7 visual elements of art: color, line, shape, form, value, texture, and space. Having never gotten any official art education, I think the exposure to these concepts will be valuable to me in more than just a photography capacity.

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TWiP: Getting all Artsy Craftsy

This Week in Pictures, Week 30, 2022

Good old Week 30 of 2022 started quietly, getting back into the swing after our little vacation. Then one of the kids came home from his vacation (yay!) and I got all artsy craftsy with yarn and polymer clay.

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