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The Red Mill

A few months ago I got a roll of Lomochrome Metropolis film, which is meant to result in muted tones with occasional pops of color. It’s designed to be right at home in a city. So naturally, the first place I took it was to an old mill surrounded by trees and water. Read on to see if that went as well (or as poorly) as you might think it went.

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Cross Estate Gardens

Photos from a nice spontaneous evening out, somewhere lovely, not too far from home, and totally doable after a full day at work. It’s such a nice thing, to be able to take advantage of the long days of summer from time to time. With so much daylight available at this time of year, a work day doesn’t have to be *just* a work day. It’s almost like you can fit two days into one. What a terrific bonus!

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The Deserted Village of Feltville

File this one under “Weird Stuff in Your Own Back Yard That You Never Visited Before Despite Living Here for Twenty-Five Years.” It’s the Deserted Village of Feltville, in the Watchung Reservation, less than 20 minutes away from home.

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Our 16th Ocean City Trip

We went to Ocean City, NJ last month (as we do), and I took a bunch of photos (as I do). It’s getting harder to find new subjects and new vantage points, but I think I managed it this year with side trips to Corsons Inlet and Wildwood, and with a variety of cameras.

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LomoChrome Purple!

Two cameras: one digital, one 35mm filled with LomoChrome Purple film. Two sets of images: one normal, one otherworldly. Come see the results of my first experience with this fun film, and compare each image to the digital scene to see how the colors were changed!

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Moody Film Vibes

Apologies in advance, if you’re here for the handmade stuff. Right now I am in one-track, broken-record, totally obsessed film photography mode. I had two vintage SLR cameras going at the end of April and beginning of May, and I got these pictures back a few weeks ago. They’ve got a great vibe, and I really feel like I’m getting the hang of film and old manual cameras. The photos show such improvement over the previous batch.

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Lessons Learned with Expired Film

Taken with a Minolta SR-T 102 on expired Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

I have developed a new obsession, and I have three rolls of film in various stages of completion in three old SLR film cameras to prove it. I just got back a roll of photos that I took last week, and let’s just say I have a lot to learn still. Come see what I’ve done. (I hope you like light leaks.)

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