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The year in review(ish)

Another year, another Project 365.  This was my third one, and I so enjoyed it!  These are a few of my favorite images.  You can see the rest on flickr or picasa (your choice – I’m in both places at the moment, waffling between which I prefer more). This time around I gave myself a […]

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I look forward to this day every year: the day after I close down the shop(s) for the season.  It’s a day to take a deep breath, relax, and then jump headlong into the Christmas preparations I’ve been neglecting all month! I’ll be making my gift-giving list later today, and getting myself all organized – […]

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Custom-made crochet hooks, anyone?

Yesterday was the day I’d been waiting for: no appointments, no other work that couldn’t be postponed… So I dove into hook-handle-making. By the afternoon, I had made enough hook handles to determine my best practice for future orders.  By evening, I had sanded and buffed the daylights out of all of the handles I […]

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Of hoodies and granny squares

So, it appears I am a softie.  As the mother of two growing boys, I don’t often get requests from them for handmade things.  And so when one of them says, “Mom, can you knit me a sweater?” you can bet I first pick my jaw up off the floor and then I say, “of […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Small Throw

Another project down, three more to go!  I’m trying very much not to lose steam on these, because if I know anything about myself at all, it’s that I will let a project gather dust for years if I set it aside for too long.  Still, I hear that Tea Leaves Cardigan calling my name, […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Table Runner

Ready for another Project::GrannySquare object? This one is a table runner, and with eighteen squares, it’s the largest project I’ve made so far.  My parents recently redecorated their living room / dining room, and so my mom and I worked together to choose colors and a design that coordinated nicely with the new paint and […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Pillow Cover

Take a wild guess how many useful options come up when you Google “granny square projects for men.”  I’ll give you a hint:  It’s roughly zero.  And not really a surprise. Still, I thought my brother should have a little something from our grandmother’s granny square stash, and he agreed.  Granny squares don’t exactly scream […]

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