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More Rain

I wish I had something creative to share, like images of the beads from Dan Cormier’s class (back in JUNE!) that I’ve been planning to sand, but haven’t. Or the half-finished necklaces that I made to go with Alexander Henry’s Birdseed fabric, which can’t be completed until my jump rings get here from Fire Mountain […]

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A little random fun

For those of you who enjoy a little randomness in life, have you checked out the Close Your Eyes and Point link in the Polka Dot Creations book store? Every time you click it, you get a different, random, list of 50 polymer clay books, videos, magazines, tutorials, whatever. I amuse myself for minutes at […]

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I’ve always thought that I could improve my finished polymer clay jewelry by learning some wireworking techniques. These videos are a good start for absolute beginners. I already know how to do most of these things, so I’m hoping they produce a few more advanced tutorials sometime. I found this link via Cyndi Lavin’s bead […]

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