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It's been a busy few months at Polka Dot Cottage, with new products and big improvements behind the scenes. I hardly know where to begin!

Let's start with some new versions of classic Polka Dot Cottage handmades: Shawl Pins and Focal Buttons

They're back, and better than before, featuring crisper patterns, smoother surfaces, and a stronger structure. Plus, they still keep your special handknits from flopping open, and what's not to love about that? ๐Ÿ’—

Focal Buttons

Focal Buttons by Lisa Clarke, Polka Dot Cottage
Colorful polymer clay buttons to coordinate with your special knit, crocheted, or sewn projects. As this is a 100% handmade product, pattern placement on the button may vary from that shown in the sample.

$8.00 โ€“ $10.00

Shawl Pins

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Shawl Pins by Lisa Clarke
Colorful polymer clay shawl pins with wooden or polymer clay sticks, to coordinate with your special knit scarves and crochet shawls. As this is a 100% handmade product, pattern placement on the pin and type of wood used for the stick may vary from that shown in the sample.


Introducing Wish Lists!

Now you can add any product you like to a Polka Dot Cottage wish list. You can add general products like Stick Pens, or very specific products like The Violet Retro Stick Pen With the Purple Ink. And you can add patterns and tutorials, too.

Start a wish list, add your favorite things, and pass it along to someone who will spoil you ๐ŸŽ
Fun With Filters

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I love to sew, what does Polka Dot Cottage have for me?" Well, now there is an answer to that question (and many others).

So what does PDC have that's
good for sewists?
good for knitters?
good for crocheters?
available in your classic Blue Calico design?
less than $25?

Visit any shop page and play with the Filter options to find the goodies that are perfect for you, and perfect for gift giving ๐Ÿ“
Blog Stuff

If you haven't been watching the blog lately, you may not know that I've ended the This Week in Pictures series after more than nine years. From now on, I hope to be able to share more detailed content about the things I am making and doing. Drop by, have a read, and say hello! โ˜•

Liathite Sweater and New Shoes

Liathite Sweater and New Shoes
I enjoyed knitting Carol Feller's Liathite Sweater pattern. it is mostly easy stockinette, plus a nice cable to keep me from getting bored. I love the finished product, too. Here are some photos, and all of the details, in case you want to knit one for yourself. Also: check out my fun new shoes.

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Let's talk about Shawl Pins

Shawl Pin in Progress
I realize that I'm supposed to be running a business here, but nearly all of my "what should I make?" decisions come not from diligent market research, but from my own needs and wants. Right now I need and want a shawl pin :-)

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A Shawl With No Name

A Shawl With No Name
This is not my first rodeo with the squishy garter stripe idea, but each time I've improvised one, I've changed it up in some way. I like playing with this kind of design, where you take three or more colors, and alternate them in some way as to make a sort of stripey fade. This time, the shape is more crescent than triangle, due to the strategic introduction of decreases.

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That's it for me. I'll try not to let too much time go by before my next newsletter. By then I hope to bring back Sweater Ornaments (I'm starting on those this weekend). And I'm hoping to introduce one or two brand new things, so please stick around!

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